Team Leader Skills | Supervisor Skills Training Course

 Course: HTA09026

This One Day Team Leader Skills Training Course Is For:

Anyone whose role involves managing, developing and motivating an action-focused team would benefit from this team leader and supervisor skills training course. This highly participative workshop explores the team leader skills needed to achieve participants’ own personal and team goals, and offers the opportunity to gain valuable feedback about their own leadership style, strengths and areas for development.

This Supervisor Skills Training Course is Designed To Help You:

Understand how a team works and what it needs to achieve high levels of performance. You will learn the core leadership skills and qualities needed to enable effective communication, motivate and empower individuals, and achieve results through a high performing team. The workshop introduces a range of key leadership models that offer a pro-active approach to encourage, develop and goal-set team members to enhance performance and promote continuous development.

This Course Will Give You:

Our supervisor leadership training skills course will help you communicate effectively with your team members, delegate effectively, set clear goals and give constructive feedback to manage performance, motivate individuals, and deal with challenging interpersonal situations. As well as this, you will develop strong leadership and supervision skills.

Supervisor Skills Training Course Objectives:

– Understand the role and responsibilities of an effective team leader
– Develop and apply the basic principles and practices of effective communication and leadership
– Recognise the strengths and needs of individuals and the team to motivate and encourage high levels of performance
– Deal effectively with staff problems using constructive feedback techniques to manage performance and promote a supportive environment
– Maximise the use of their own time by delegating effectively, whilst empowering and developing the skills of others

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