Henley Training Associates Courses

Our goal

Is to help your organisation maximise its efficiency and profits by offering the best, most inspiring training programmes and outstanding Customer Service. We’ll do this by enabling your people to develop their skills and potential in a down to earth, fun, challenging and practical way. We’ll listen to what you need and respond by designing courses tailored to your specific needs, with a flexible approach focused on creating a learning environment that suits everyone’s preferred learning styles.

Why are we different?

Our long-term clients, from all sectors – Public, Commercial, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Service, Voluntary – tell us it’s because we listen to their training needs and create specifically tailored training programmes that demonstrate a real understanding of their Organisation’s culture, and a “down-to-earth”, practical approach that people can really relate to.

We have more than 30 years’ experience specialising in delivering Management, Personal Development, Leadership, Sales, Team building & Communication Skills to World-Class Organisations all over the UK and in Dubai, Rome, Cairo and Malaysia. Our goal is to strive for continued growth and success by helping and inspiring our Customers to grow and succeed too.