Interview Skills Training Courses

Choose Henley Training for all your interview skills training needs. Delivered by expert coaches and trainers, we provide challenging and specialist training for anyone that wants to fine-tune their skill set when it comes to acing their interviews. In our interview skills training, we cover everything from presentation, technique, and controlling nerves, all whilst ensuring that you are also given practical coaching in a supportive environment.

An interview is more than just about the script; body language and active listening are also essential, which our interview coaching aims to cover

We offer a competency based interview training course that covers everything you need to know before, during and after your interview, so contact us today and unlock your potential! Whether you need a session of interview coaching in Manchester for an individual, or would like an interview skills course in London for a group, we are happy to deliver our training at a location that suits you, for any sized group.

One Day Interview Skills Course: HTA09013

This One Day Course Is For:

Anyone who wishes to improve their interview skills and achieve success in getting the job they want.

This Course is Designed To Help You:

Improve your chances of getting the job you want by performing well at interview.

This Course Will Give You:

Improve your interview technique by increasing your understanding of the interview process, recognising the key skills involved in selling yourself, and practising the techniques in a supportive environment.

Interview Skills Training Course Objectives:

  • Recognising what’s required to prepare thoroughly for competency based and other interviews
  • Understanding the purpose of job descriptions and person specifications, and how to use them to prepare an effective “pitch”
  • Understanding how interview questions are formed, and how to answer them appropriately
  • Exploring how to control nerves and improve your interview performance
  • Identifying ways to improve your interview technique and sell yourself confidently
  • Practising mock interviews to identify your strengths and spot areas for developing further

What Our Clients Say About Our Interview Skills Training

“Your interview coaching has made me feel more confident about going for interviews than before and has really opened my eyes!” Karen A, Receptionist

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