Trade Union Training Courses – Working With Trade Unions

Equip your workplace with trade union training to promote co-operation & manage relations

Course: HTA09043

Want to develop essential skills in dealing with trade unions? Our trade union training courses can help you do just that.

As the employee relations climate becomes increasingly challenging, the need to build and maintain fruitful and constructive relationships with Trade Unions and the employees they represent has become more significant and essential to an Organisation’s success. This is where effective trade union training comes on. Not only will our trade union training for managers allow you to understand their aims and objectives, but it can also facilitate better working relations with them. 

Dealing with trade unions needn’t be complicated. Here at Henley Training, we are able to provide comprehensive trade union training for your team, at your place of work or at a location to suit you. By the end of the programme, working with unions will be a skill your organisation can put into practice straightaway – this is down to our blend of theoretical and hands-on interactive learning.

This unique trade union course is presented by Richard Masters and Colin Adams, both leaders in their chosen fields – Industrial Relations and Management.

What Makes Our Trade Union Courses Different? 

As an option on all of our Trade Union programmes, we offer the unique SDI® personal profiling assessment for each delegate. This is a powerful and effective tool for understanding and influencing the motives that drive behaviours and offers an in-depth, insight into how to more effectively navigate conflict. The critical insights it provides enable leaders and team members to better understand how to influence people who think, behave, and communicate differently.

Our Two-Day Trade Union Training Courses Are For:

Every HR Manager and anyone in a management capacity who needs to get the best from their dealings with their Trade Union reps, and whose goals are to improve the relationship between Management and Trade Unions. 

Our Trade Union Training Courses Will Help You:

Our Trade Union Courses for managers can help you to develop a strategy for taking a different approach to building constructive working relationships, helping you to improve Union-management relations with your Trade Union reps. In an increasingly hostile climate where traditional approaches to building Management-Union relationships have arguably proven, at best, challenging and frustrating, this workshop will open up your mind to an alternative approach, which has a proven track record in getting better results for both parties. 

This Workshop Will Give You:

A unique, forward-thinking and strategic approach to dealing with union training for managers, which involves building bridges between management and union representatives, resulting in more positive working relationships and more mutually successful outcomes; the skills required to improve your personal effectiveness when handling trade union related situations; a better insight into human behaviour, communication, and the power of Influence.

Objectives of Our Trade Union Courses For Managers:

  • A unique insight into, and understanding of, how Unions work and how Union reps think
  • Developing better relationships with, and getting the best out of, Trade Unions and their reps
  • Working more effectively and constructively with Trade Unions
  • Recognising the key principles and benefits of applying Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding the influence triggers that people respond to when making choices; how to appeal to their preferences; how to win the deals you want and influence others
  • Identifying the key principles of successful influencing and negotiating; exploring your beliefs and values about what influencing means; developing the confidence to apply a range of skills to achieve successful outcomes
  • Improving your personal effectiveness and impact on others; overcoming negative beliefs; making a powerful first impression; considering your communication style and creating a positive impact
  • Recognising why some people are “difficult” and applying the skills to deal confidently with them; why we see certain people as ‘difficult’, and the significance of our own beliefs

Looking for a Promotion or a New Job?

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