Customer Service Training Courses

Course HTA09009


This One Day Course For Customer Service Training is For:

Those who need to develop a comprehensive understanding of their customer service role and responsibilities, and the core skills necessary to project their organisation as a leading, high profile, professional, customer-focused organisation will benefit from our customer service training, and customer service management training course. 

This Course is Designed To Help You:

Understand the importance of your role as a customer service representative of your organisation; increase your ability to develop rapport quickly with customers using positive interpersonal skills; deal constructively with difficult customers, and improve your self-confidence and personal awareness.

This Customer Service Training Course Will Give You:

The skills to represent your organisation in a professional way; take control of difficult situations using a range of constructive communication skills and diffusion techniques; influence others and develop rapport quickly with people when creating a professional first impression.


  • Understand the relevance of providing top quality customer service as a key part of their job role
  • Examine the importance of your organisation’s image and define the standard of customer service customers should expect
  • Establish effective communication techniques for building relationships with existing and new customers
  • Describe the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required to provide a quality customer service
  • Recognise the strengths of current customer service and areas for improvement
  • Identify their role in maintaining and continuously improving the service in the future
  • Demonstrate how to deal successfully with demanding customers and maintain good customer relations
  • Develop a personal action plan for enhancing their own contribution to the quality of the service