About Us

Our aim is to maximise the productivity of your organisation in the most cost effective, practical and enjoyable way. The Henley Training team has many years’ experience of working within a wide range of both public and private sector organisations around the UK and in Dubai, Rome, Malaysia and Cairo. I have carefully selected our trainers on the basis of their expert subject knowledge, their enthusiasm for training, and their ability to relate to people in “down to earth”, practical terms.

We’ve built our success on repeat business from delighted customers who have experienced our caring approach to their needs.
When you get in touch with us, we’ll discuss your training requirements with you and design comprehensive, customised training programmes that make a lasting impact on your people. We design and deliver common-sense, practical training packages for people at all levels – administrative and production staff, team leaders, supervisors, managers and management teams – which tackle your particular organisational challenges.

At Henley Training we tend to work with smaller groups of people of around 6 to 12 people, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate fully in the learning process. However, we regularly work on a one to one basis with individuals who require a more personal approach and with specific issues they want to address, and with smaller groups of 3 or 4 people, if this is preferred. Every course is individually tailored to your specifications to ensure that our training is practical and relevant to every individual and can be applied on return to the workplace.