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One to One Coaching

We regularly work on a one to one basis with individuals who need a more personal approach and who may have specific issues they want to address.

Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll talk to you about your particular requirements and the issues you’d like to address. We’ll then cover those specific needs in a one to one session either at here in Runcorn or in your own home.

These one to one sessions usually last about 3 hours and are friendly and informal, with the focus on helping you work out the cause / source of any problems you may be experiencing, and then working together to identify potential solutions and skills required to tackle those issues.

We’ve worked with many private individuals, teachers, Deputy Heads, managers, students, University lecturers and graduates to help them improve their interview techniques, with great results!

What our clients say about our One to One Coaching:

“Since I had the interview skills course I have been offered my dream job. 2 yr contract on a national NHS program which is directly related to my dissertation subject. It will embed my six sigma skills and will hold me in good stead to be a consultant in the future. You helped me. I put aside past interviews and relaxed. The key was…the other roles just weren’t right for me. Struggling to fit into their requirements rather than being myself was a mistake. Thank you so much for your time and patience. You addressed my specific needs rather than sticking exactly to the script. Nevertheless…your explanation of those tricky questions was also a revelation. All the best to you.”
Nicola H, Business and Operational Delivery Manager
“Your coaching has made me feel more confident about going for interviews than before and has really opened my eyes!”

Karen A, Receptionist

“I got the job! I started Monday and it’s going good so far. It’s a lot of manual labour which I’m definitely out of touch on but will soon be built like an ox! Lol! Thank you very much for the help and advice you gave me – it definitely helped using the mind mapping! Cheers!.

Nick S, Warehouse operative

“I got the job! Colin was an excellent trainer, the session was bespoke and individually designed and well structured to fit my personal requirements. Colin was able to offer a one to one session on a weekend so that I didn’t have to take time off work. Colin helped me improve my preparation skills by teaching me structured and effective methods. I highly recommend Colin. Thanks.”

Jasmine R, Commercial Accounts Manager

“Just to say I got the job! Interviewed today and they phoned me about an hour ago to confirm an offer. Your sets of questions really did help as a good number came up. I practiced with Phil (my fella) using the technique you showed me, and that helped me better recall solid examples in the interview, which I struggled to do before. Thank you for providing me with really good materials and the confidence to go for it! Kind regards.”

Louise D, Assessor Guild Manager
“I cannot praise highly enough the impact Colin has had on my thinking and approaches to interviews and presentations. Through a bespoke package there has been a complete shift in my thinking and as a result I feel very confident about how I will perform at interview.

You could not wish to work with a more friendly, sincere and down-to-earth person. Colin was welcoming, insightful and challenging. He was able to identify the misconceptions I had built up over time and break these down into easy to digest but effective approaches. I am now very much looking forward to my next interview. Thanks again for all your help!”

James L, Deputy Head Teacher

Courses for Groups

We offer a range of cost effective, practical training courses to help you get the job you want and learn all the essential skills you need to develop and grow when you’re in that job.

Whatever your training requirements we would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how we can tailor our range of training programmes to meet your specific learning needs. Our courses focus on helping you learn and apply the hands-on skills that will help you communicate more effectively and work towards achieving your career goals.

Interview Skills - Being Interviewed

Interview Skills - Building Confidence and Giving Presentations