Our Approach

“When I launched Henley Training Associates in 1998 I didnʼt want to build a large Corporation-style business…

My goal was always to offer a more personalised service focusing on listening to our clientsʼ goals, challenges and difficulties, and giving bespoke training solutions to meet their specific needs, along with great value for money. Our philosophy is to provide straight-forward, “down to earth” training that’s relevant, and that participants can put into practice on their return to work. I think we’ve achieved that.

An important part of our approach is to do with creating the right kind of learning environment for learning to take place. We make sure that our participants feel comfortable by creating a personable and informal environment that encourages everyone to fully take part. We make the learning fun by integrating a participative style of training with the right amount of humour and interaction between participants and the trainer, along with the right mix of straight teaching, syndicate group discussions, team exercises, and references to relevant learning models.

I see our role very clearly as enabling people to develop the skills and confidence to fulfil their potential in their jobs and their lives, and to encourage them to go back into the workplace feeling motivated to give their best as managers and team members."

Colin Adams | Director | Henley Training Associates