How Do You Overcome Interview Nerves?

How Do You Overcome Interview Nerves?

Nerves affect everybody in different ways and nerves can eventually lead to stress. There are a lot of things that can run through your head before going to an interview, such as;

Will they like me?

What if I’m late to the interview?

What if I mess up at the interview?

When we get nervous, we tend to focus more on the negatives than the positives and in this case it can make us feel as though we shouldn’t go to interviews in case something does go wrong. We can also start rambling on about something that becomes less relevant to the interview questions or you can completely draw a blank and you just don’t know what to say.

Before you go for your interview, it may help you to prepare, by researching some questions that they usually ask people in interviews. Make sure that you know where the place is where you will be getting interviewed. If you don’t know where it is, make sure you leave early enough so if you were to get lost, you would have enough time to find the place without being late. You have to make sure you research about the company as you never know what kind of questions they could ask you. You’re probably best doing some mock interviews with a family member or friend. Be prepared.

Find out if the interview is a one to one or whether there will be multiple people getting interviewed at the same time. You also want to know who is interviewing you, because if it’s the manager or the boss of a company, you really do want to give a good first impression so you stand out from the rest of the candidates. You also have to make sure that you dress appropriately, find out what the dress code is at that company.

When going into an interview you have to remember your value. You need to remember why you’re here, and that is because they have picked you over other people to get to the next stage of applying for a job, which is the interview. They were impressed with your resume, they wanted you to come in for an interview because you have the right experience and the potential to help that business or organisation. This should give you confidence as they are really interested in getting to know you and how you could help them if you were to get the job.

When you’re answering questions in an interview, you want to make them short but to the point. Avoid getting into too much detail as you could go off topic and you wouldn’t know when to stop talking. Be confident in your answers and try relax as much as you can.

The most important thing is to be yourself. This will make you come across as relaxed and confident. Be proud of yourself for getting this far, be proud of what you have achieved in the past and let the interviewer know what you have accomplished.


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